Trex 610 T

Wafer Size

6 to 8 inch

Conation Id



Technos Trex 610 TA Analyzer Spectrometer  -  Spectrometer, 6"-8"

  • W-Lb and Mo-Ka excitation sources
  • TXRF for wafer surface micro metallic contamination monitoring
  • DDRA type W_Lb source
  • Sealed Tube type Mo source
  • Water Chiller for DDRA cooling
  • W-Lb DDRA and Mo-Ka irradiations
  • Dedicated water chiller and LN2 generator
  • W target; monochromated W-Lb1; Direct Drive Rotating Anode (DDRA) based
  • 12 KW X-ray generator for W excitation
  • Mo target; monochromated Mo-Ka; Sealed Tube
  • 3KW X-ray generator for Mo excitation
  • Si(Li) detector with counting circuit
  • Control electronics with micro-computer
  • Wafer handling system for 8" and 6" wafer
  • Complete qualitative and quantitative software
  • Water Chiller for DDRA and Sealed Tube cooling
  • PC system


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