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KLA Aleris 8360 SN SN 7271201 Vintage 11/09 Optical System: BBSE: Broad-Band Spectroscopic Ellipsometer WL: 240-900nm - Xenon lamp source, commit spec for film < 10000A SWE: Single Wavelength Ellipsometer 633nm -- HeNe laser source, commit spec for film < 2000A iDesorber Stress Capability  Thin Film Thickness: o Accuracy +/- 1% for oxide 300A~1um o Accuracy +/- 1.5A for oxide <125A o Precision <=0.3A  Refractive index: Accuracy +/- 0.007 for 500A ~ 1um oxide film  Cannot measure warpage >0.3mm wafer (chucking failure) Hardware Components  Stage resolution xy 0.1um  Spot placement accuracy: ±1.5um  Wafer size: 300mm  Minimum measurement size: o SWE 40x40um o BBSE 55x55um  Computer: Pentium 4, 3.0GHz Software  CFS software based on Windows XPR SP3 operating system Wafer Handling  FOUP system: SEMI standard FOUP compatibility with integrated mini-environment  Wafer pre-alignment: Optical non-contact; centered and notch or flat aligned  Wafer placement xy: ± 70um for Dual 300mm handler  Wafer placement theta: ± 0.1 degrees

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