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SECS II/GEM Communication Interface
Pentium III dual processor CPU with Windows NT Installed
Setup for 6” or 8” wafers
KLA software version 5.4
NT box option-direct link/direct SECS
FeB dissociation light assembly
Mercury Xenon Lamp
Light level sensor with adjustable 2x Mag Tubes
X/Y/Z drive/controller chassis and motion controller card
High voltage electronics
Granite stage
Autofocus III with 200mm Collimating Lens
Standard Chuck (low contact chuck optional)
15 inch Sony Monitor
15 inch Image Computer monitor
User Interface Monitor
Left or Right hand side User interface
Remote Power Distribution Panel
Wafer handling module
2 Open cassette nests
Auto Defect Calibration enable option
Direct Link hardware with ADC review optics
ADC Computer
EMO switch covers
Power line conditioner
    1) UBB, Ultra Brightfield illumination
    2) High Numerical aperture (NA) optics
    3) Spotsize: 0.16um,0.25um,0.39um,0.625um, 1.25um
    4) SAT (Segmented Auto Threshold) 

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