Wafer Size

300 mm

Conation Id



Wafer Bevel Polisher Ebara 'EAC300Bi-T'

2 Asyst loadports
2 transfer robots
1 Notch Polish station
1 Bevel Polish station
1 Surface Cleaning station (roll cleaning)
1 Bevel Cleaning station Sponge

RB: handling robot × 2
BG1: Integrated polishing machine × 1 wafer notch bevel polishing ( 1 )
BG2: Integrated polishing machine × 1 wafer notch bevel polishing ( 2 )
CL1: R / R washing machine × 1 wafer upper and lower surfaces cleaning
CL2: Pen washer × 1 the upper surface of the wafer cleaning + spin drying
F / U: filter unit × 3


1 head
One chemical line
One DI Water line
Photoelectric Notch detection

Notch Polish: YES

1 head
One chemical Line
One DI wafer line
Vacuum chuck


Roll / Roll for Surface wafer
1 chemical line
Sponge for bevel cleaner

Dryer:  Spin Dryer

Tool Construction

1-1) material frame : SS material + painting
Stand : SS material + painting
Exterior : SS material + painting
Duct / washing tank : PVC
Drain pan : impact PVC
1-2 ) coating epoxy resin paint
1-3) panel desorption latch type + screws
1-4) door on one side open system
1-5) earthquake corresponding standard fixing bracket
1-6) installation mode L / UL part class 10 or more

This body class 10000 or more
2 ) enclosure cleaning , transport unit airflow
2-1) airflow cycle filter fan unit (ULPA filter 0.1μm)
2-2) 0.2 m / s or more of the wafer transfer position
Down flow (in the vicinity of the wafer )
2-3) local exhaust part always exhaust : each washing tank
2-4) clean air supply original filter unit intake port
3 ) Piping

Material pure water : PFA
Joint pillar , Inc. Super Series
Medicine solution : PFA
Joint pillar , Inc. Super Series
Wastewater : U-PVC


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